Why the Dutch School?

Being Connected and Preparing Well

Why the Dutch School? For a good command of the Dutch language, it is essential that children speak in varied situations. Speaking Dutch at home is good, but not always sufficient. By following Dutch language lessons, your child's knowledge, especially their vocabulairy, will be further expanded. Think, for example, of learning spelling rules and grammar, as well as strategies for reading. Of course, the school also pays attention to culture. Students will view the Netherlands and Belgium from a broader perspective than that of their own families.

Students following Dutch-speaking education at our school are well-prepared for a possible return to the Netherlands or Belgium, because our teaching methods ensure a good connection to the Dutch/Flemish school systems. We also help preserve the cultural identity of your child(ren). Dutch education also allows them to continue communicating with Dutch-speaking friends and family in the Netherlands, Belgium or elsewhere.

In addition, when participating in our program, they will be able to:

  • Learn a new language more easily - It is scientifically proven that children that have a good command of their mother tongue are able to learn one or more other languages more easily.

  • Study or work in the Netherlands - If your children followed Dutch education while living in the United States, they will understand and master the language better than if they would only speak Dutch at home. Consequently, they may choose to study and/or work in the Netherlands or Belgium. Because our school offers Dutch classes at different levels, this can help students enter the Netherlands or Belgium well without significant language delays.

  • Qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy - Our school prepares students for the Dutch/Belgian Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language ("CNaVT"), which in turn may allow students to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy in California and other U.S. states. The Seal of Biliteracy allows students to qualify for college credits if they decide to attend college in the United States.

  • Experience a safe place - For many children, the transition to a new country and a new language is a major event. Children who attend the Dutch school experience this as coming home to a safe place. Here, they can process all the impressions and emotions in their own language and among peers.

  • Experience a good connection upon return - There is always the chance that you will eventually return to the Netherlands or Belgium. Research shows that young people who have lived in the United States often experience culture shock when returning to the Netherlands or Belgium. But when young people continue to speak their mother tongue and remain aware of their culture, that transition becomes much easier.

Added Value Dutch Language Education

  • Qualified professional Dutch and Belgian teachers with multiple years of experience.

  • Different types of education. In addition to our regular on-site classes on Saturday mornings (Dutch for native speakers) we also offer a Dutch language and culture program for children who are learning Dutch as a second language.

  • For children from 2 to 18 years old and for adults who are learning Dutch as a second language, we offer an online program (both private classes and group lessons). Also online is our secondary education program.

  • We are supported by the Dutch government and under the supervision of the Dutch Education Inspectorate.

  • At our school, official Dutch "Cito" tests and method based tests are administered.

  • The school uses the latest Dutch and Belgian teaching methods with audio-visual material and our lessons are interactive, so that Dutch is learned in a fun and fast way.

  • The school has a library at each location as well as an online library.

  • Our older students and adult students can prepare for the CNaVT exam.

  • We often organize small cultural events to meet each other on Saturday mornings, with coffee, cultural events, potlucks and more.