CNaVT Certificate

The Dutch School Online has an official site in Santa Ana in  Southern-California for conducting the examinations for the Dutch as a Foreign Language Certificate (CNaVT).  If you live abroad you can have a look here to see all the exam locations worldwide.

We have a special program of 9 weeks to prepare for the CNaVT exam (see below).

The CNaVT certifies language proficiency of Dutch as a foreign language worldwide, using task based and domain specific exams related to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CNaVT is a project commissioned by the Dutch Language Union and the exams are developed by the Centre for Language and Education at the university of Leuven. The CNaVT exams are organized all around the world for (young) adults who want to prove their language proficiency in Dutch with an internationally recognized certificate. 

CNaVT benefits for our students from 16 years of age (sometimes earlier). Depending on the level of the CNaVT, students may be eligible for:

Why and which exam? Because there are different reasons to learn Dutch, the Taalunie has developed CNaVT examinations in different domains. Read the descriptions of the CNaVT exams on the right and also take a look at the ERK self-assessment scales to determine which exam best suits your needs. 

When are the exams?  The exams take place every year in May worldwide. This year the CNaVT exams are on Saturday May 4 between 8.30 am and 3 pm at our Santa Ana campus. You can register by sending an email to before March 10, 2024.

Cost? The cost is $325 for students from our school and $425 for students outside the school.

How to prepare? We have a special 9-week program to prepare students for the exam. This can either be in a group setting or through private classes. Those classes start in at the end of February. If you are interested, please send an email to

Read more about the CNaVT here.

Social Informal (INFO ) - A2

For those who want to function in informal, everyday situations.

Social Formal (FORM) - B1 

For those who want to function independently in more formal contexts in Dutch or Flemish society.

Business Professional (PROF) - B2 

For those who want to function on the shop floor, especially in the care sector or in an administrative profession.

Educational Start Proficient (STRT) - B2 

For those who want to start a study at a Flemish or Dutch college or university.

Educational Professional (EDUP) - C1 

For those who want to work in education or in a business environment and therefore need an advanced knowledge of Dutch.