Our Team

The team of the Dutch School of Southern California consist of the education team, the school principal, and the board of directors. 

We are a non-profit organization with an active school board. The educational curriculum for our physical and online education is the responsibility of the school principal, who is assisted, when needed, by an experienced educational consultant who is also a teacher. Non-educational matters are handled by the board.

The Education Team

We have a fantastic education team that teaches with a lot of fun and passion. Our education team consists of Dutch and Belgian accredited teachers, complemented by Dutch speaking teachers accredited in the USA. We also work with several assistants.

The Managing Director

Laura Ligthart is our school principal and Managing Director. She has been with our school since 2013. Laura performs her job with a tremendous passion and is always 100% there for the students, the education team and the parents.

The Board of Directors

Chairman Patricia Kooren Treasurer René Peerboom, Secretary Sanne Staps, Insurances and Contracts Simone HanraadsLocal Affairs Orange County Jasper Vrugt, Local Affairs San Diego Koen van Duyse, Local Affairs North Hollywood vacant, Technolology Peter Maas, Marketing Nanneke Dinklo, Managing Director and Advisor to the Board Laura Ligthart.