The extracurricular activities are just as much fun as the education at our school. Active parents, teachers and board members organize various events each year, which have become well-known far and wide.

At the beginning of December, Saint Nicholas always pays a special visit to the children in Southern California. We celebrate a spectacularly fun party with presents and treats, which is attended by hundreds of people. 

The school organizes various culture days, as well as a skating event and an annual outing to LA Galaxy. Such days are also filled with old Dutch games, fun and potlucks. 

The Dutch celebration of King's Day at the end of April is not to be missed. Every year, we celebrate King's Day with games, a flea market, delicious Dutch food, music and family activities. Not to mention the Holland Festival on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend.

Every year we organize a special outing to a LA Galaxy game with our soccer fans. We start with a potluck and old Dutch games, and just before the game the children get to carry the flag on the field!


First and last day of school, Christmas, New Year.... The Dutch and Belgians always find a reason to have something with their coffee! At all locations, there are occasional spontaneous initiatives that make the school day special.


We also go ice-skating once a year. It is a lot of fun to skate a few rounds to the music of "Doe Maar" and afterwards eat delicious "poffertjes" (small pancakes), "snert met worst" (pea soup with smoked sausage), stroopwafels and have a hot chocolate.