Dutch Language and Culture Education

The Dutch School of Southern California offers Dutch Language and Cultural ("NTC") education each Saturday at three locations in Southern California: North Hollywood, Orange County and San Diego. Classes are held from 9am to 12:15pm.  Classes start again in the week of September 11.

In addition to primary and secondary education, the school offers Dutch lessons to adults and to children who do not yet speak the Dutch language, or speak it very little. We provide in-person as well as online classes. For those not residing near one of our school locations or unavailable on Saturday mornings, our online group lessons or private lessons (3-5 students) are the perfect solution. 

At the Dutch School of Southern California, children of Dutch and Flemish descent stay well connected to the Dutch and Flemish school systems. Our school's Dutch immersion program promotes the development of the students' cultural identity, and encourages a connection through communication with family and friends abroad. In addition, our education ensures that children can opt to study in the Netherlands or Belgium once they are older.  To this extent, the older students of our secondary education program work towards the Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language ("CNaVT"), which in many cases is also recognized  for the American Seal of Biliteracy.

Our school is affiliated with the NOB, the Dutch regulator on Dutch language education abroad, and is supervised under the quality supervision of the Dutch Education Inspectorate. The quality of our education is therefore comparable to that of schools in the Netherlands.

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"Quite a progress!"

"My little daughter Lily will soon be 5 and started at the Dutch school at the North Hollywood location a few weeks ago. She is in the 4-5 year old group with a super nice teacher and really enjoys going to class! Although her knowledge of Dutch is still limited (I am the only one who speaks Dutch at home), I can already see progress! I guess the unbridled enthusiasm of the teachers has something to do with that too!!! We are very impressed by the professionalism with which the lessons are prepared and taught and hope to have a very nice year ahead!"

  "Such good quality! Connecting to the Netherlands very well"

"My son Max started at NL School in North Hollywood last year. He started in kindergarten and right from the first lesson he absolutely loved his teacher. She made the lessons a joy and learning Dutch words an adventure.  Max is now 6 and has moved on to group 3a and we as parents are very impressed with the quality of the lessons. Within a week Max was not only playing with words, he had also overcome his reluctance to read by himself.  This year it is important for us that Max keeps his Dutch up to date, because we will be living in the Netherlands for a large part of next year and he will be going to school there as well. Given the level of the classes, we are confident that he will have a good fit with the material there."