What Others Say

Online program 'Dutch for adults'

"In 2020 I was fortunate to have received my Dutch citizenship. Having extended family in the Netherlands it has been a dream of mine to learn the language. As an adult this can be challenging. I was trying some of the self guided apps, although helpful, I was not learning about the structure of the language and how to converse in real time. So I decided to try the online class through the Dutch School of Southern California. The director, Laura Ligthart, was fantastic to work with in getting me setup and my teacher Judith has been very helpful. I look forward to my weekly classes, it keeps me motivated, I am experiencing progress, and I am having fun. Also a side benefit that I have discovered is that the exercise of learning a language has help me stay sharp mentally. If you are an adult serious about learning Dutch, nothing beats class room learning. The Dutch School of Southern California is a great way to go. Invest in yourself, you won’t regret it."

Bill from Arizona

On-site program for children

"My daughter Lily will soon be 5 and started at the Dutch school at the North Hollywood location a few weeks ago. She is in the group for 4-5 year olds and really enjoys going to class! Although her knowledge of Dutch is limited for now (I am the only one who speaks Dutch at home), I am already noticing progress! The unbridled enthusiasm of the teacher and the assistants may have something to do with that!!! We are very impressed by the professionalism with which the lessons are prepared and taught and hope to have a wonderful year ahead!"

"My son Max started at Dutch School in North Hollywood last year. He started in kindergarten and right from the first lesson he absolutely loved the teacher. She made the lessons joyful and learning Dutch words an adventure. Max is now 6 and has moved on to group 3a, and we as parents are very impressed with the quality of the classes. Within a week Max was not only playing with words, he also overcame his dislike of reading by himself. This year it is very important for us that Max keeps his Dutch current, because we will be living in the Netherlands for a part of next year and he will be going to school there as well. Given the level of the classes, we are confident that he will have a good fit with the lessons there."

Online program 'Dutch as a foreign language' for children

"Sophia is 8 years old and is really enjoying herself at the Dutch School of SoCal. She loves the curriculum with the funny stories and nice songs. In just a few months she has learned enough Dutch to have short conversations with family and friends. Even if we live in Arizona we can join the online classes and when we go to Los Angeles for the weekend we can join the school and/or fun cultural events"

"For my son a bridge to his native country and for me back to stroopwafels and windmills every week ...... so much fun and educational!"

Online preparation program 'Return to the Netherlands/Belgium'

"We are very happy we choose to enroll our daughters in the online program of the Dutch School of Southern California to prepare them for a move to the Netherlands! Our girls did not have any prior knowledge of the Dutch language. They loved the private lessons with their teacher Michele, and picked up on the language quickly. The lessons were so thorough and catered to exactly where the kids were. Teacher Michele sent many wonderful resources for practice and learning that we would have never found without her. We couldn't be more pleased! Our girls were ready to integrate a Dutch school in the Netherlands.

My husband and I also took online Dutch semi-private classes to prepare ourselves and these were wonderful too."

Online program 'Secondary Education'

"We have two sons aged 11 and 12. The youngest is in 7th and the oldest is in the 1st year of secondary school at Dutch "HAVO" level. We were planning to have the boys do Dutch only until group 8, but when the possibility was offered to continue, we decided to join. The teaching methods Taalactief from Malmberg and Nieuw Nederlands from Noordhoff are very well constructed and the fact that Nieuw Nederlands is completely digital makes this method very accessible. We see that the extra investment in language education is good for learning other languages. They develop more feeling for language. We also want to keep the possibility open for them to go to a Dutch university or college in the future and to follow lessons in Dutch. Of course it is also nice that they can talk easily with their grandparents and their Dutch friends. Finally, they are always happy and cheerful when they come out of class. The teachers are very professional, very involved with our children and make every lesson a party. Dutch lessons are absolutely no punishment for them. I can recommend this to everyone!"

Online program 'Joint parent/child'

"What did you do during the pandemic? I believe this question will be asked a lot once we finally get through this crazy time. My son Max and I decided we would learn Dutch. Just, you know, as a break from Fall Guys, Roblox and Pokemon Go. It was much more fun than we expected. Our teacher is great and Quizlet is a really engaging and effective way to learn. We do a weekly Zoom lesson with the teacher and homework between classes. The progress we have made has exceeded both my expectations and Max's. We are looking forward to returning to the Netherlands this summer with a big surprise for his many cousins.

Amidst all the sadness COVID-19 has caused, it has given us the opportunity to spend much more time together as a family. Use this time wisely. Learn Dutch so that your extended family cannot tell secrets about you while you are in the room!"