Dutch for Children online

Dutch as a Foreign Language

Ages 4-18 

Objective: These courses are aimed at students ages 5-18 who have little or no knowledge of the Dutch language at the start and get them going up to intermediary or even advanced level.

During the interactive small group lessons or private lessons, emphasis is placed on oral skills, grammar and conversation, so that the students can communicate in Dutch with Dutch-speaking family members and friends, or find a good connection in the Netherlands or Belgium should they later decide to study, work or live there.

Groups: 5-7 years (sometimes younger), 8-10 years, 10-15 years, 16+  years.

Where and when: The online group classes are held during the week after-school times. Other times might be available too.

Language level: No prior knowledge of the Dutch language is required. If you have prior knowledge you can join one of the existing intermediary groups.

Additional possibility: Continuation to our Native Speaker classes or obtaining the American Seal of Biliteracy (see next column "native speakers")

Native Speakers

Ages 4-18

Objective: This course ensures that Dutch and Belgian children keep their culture and language, so that they can quickly fit in with Dutch language education upon their return. We offer different learning years and levels.

Levels: primary, secondary and high school.

Teaching method: Ik ben Bas, Kleuterplein, Veilig Leren Lezen, Taalactief, Nieuw Nederlands.

When and where: These classes are held during the week on after-school times. 

Language level: thorough knowledge of the Dutch language which is spoken at home.

Additional possibility: Obtaining the Certificate of Foreign Language (CNaVT) at the age of 16 (sometimes earlier)  and the Seal of Biliteracy in the last year of High School (in over 40 US states) and get credits or exemptions for college.

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A father about our online 'Dutch as a Foreign Language' program

"Emma is 7 years old and is really enjoying herself at the Dutch School of SoCal. She loves the curriculum with the funny stories and nice songs. In just a few months she has learned enough Dutch to have short conversations with family and friends. "